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On this website you will find information and events on Theta Healing®, DNA Activation, Manifesting and Abundance, Game of Life, how to become a master of your Life through identifying blocks/negative programs and transforming them to create all your heart’s desires. The World Relations seminar deals with our , or group consciousness, issues with different countries, cultures and religions.

Also about Munayki (the 9 ancient Rites from the Andean tradition) and all levels of Reiki.

Home-DNA1-2CircleDNA 1 & 2
Theta Healing®

This course will change your life forever, enabling you to work with the Divine in healing yourself and helping others. These techniques are quick and life changing.

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Home-AdvancedDNACircleADVANCED DNA
Theta Healing ®

The nature of life is energy. The Planes of Existence are the dance and the circle of this energy, which never stops, but just takes other forms. The purpose of this text is not only to explain this, but to focus the individual on the energy that receives the quickest results, to understand that what is created can be “dis-created” and then recreated again.

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Home-GameofLifeCircleGAME OF LIFE
Theta Healing®

This new 3-day course was designed based on real-life success cases and gives an opportunity to remove specific limiting beliefs and instil hundreds of feelings to achieve greater success in life and business.

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feat_brainwaveTheta Brainwaves. The key to relaxation.

There are five different brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. These brain waves of the human mind / brain are constantly in motion and producing waves in all of these frequencies. Everything that you do and everything you say is regulated by the frequency of the brain waves.

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feat_dna1Theta Healing® – DNA 1 & 2

Who should attend?

Anyone wanting to make changes in their life, interested in learning new transforming energy work techniques and Health Care Professionals as these techniques will complement your own.

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Transform Your Life with Theta Healing®.

Vianna Stibal describes how ThetaHealing can transform your life through connecting with the Creator, Realizing we are all part of one Energy that moves through all things.