About Theta Gateway


Hetty Driessen

Remember “Mists of Avalon“?
I read the above book in the early 90’s and it really opened me up to the sacred/spiritual side of me. As I read that and subsequent books about Avalon and the Arthurian Legends, I felt a very strong connection with those times.

May 1999 I had a dream with a clear vision of me in deep blue robes in a barge on a lake and going through, opening, the mists. The sight of the surroundings was edged in my mind and I drew it when I woke up.

In September that year, after just finishing my Reiki Mastery, I went on a bus-tour through the southern part of the UK with my sister. When our tour-guide found out that a few of us had a great interest in the Arthurian/Avalon legends, she included more of these side-trips in our tour, but to my utter disappointment, Glastonbury was not on the list.

When we  had one day free in Bournemouth I decided to hire a car, drove to Glastonbury, did all the touristy things and then walked the “Tor”. I was supposed to be in the picture below, but we forgot to set the back-light and I faded in the dark background. After a short meditation sitting on the top of the Tor,  it was getting close to the end of the day, and we made our way down. I kept looking back and then as we were about to take the turn to Glastonbury village I stopped in my tracks and called out to my sister:”This is it, this is what I saw in my vision”. It was the same lighting, same side of the ruins on top of the Tor and it was so easy to imagine how it would have looked then. The feeling of connected-ness to those times and the Goddess energy was so strong, I was pretty overwhelmed.

From then on this picture has become my “Signature”, Firstly as the “Gateway to the Rest of Your Life” and now “Thetagateway”.

May there always be Gateways for us to step through to evolve into true Mastery

Om Shanti

I have known since I was a young child that I had “healing hands”, but only picked up my spiritual journey in 1993 after a few serious sporting injuries. Funny how spirit works. First learning a few levels of Massage, then heard about Reiki, while finding out alternative, drug free, ways to heal myself and others.

I did Reiki I and II in April and November 1994 respectively with Denise and John Crundall. Reiki soon became a big part of my life.

I attained my Reiki Masters Level with Lyn Perez in August 1999 and have been teaching it regularly wherever I am called to go.

During early 2002 I became interested in a healing modality discovered by Vianna Stibal then called Orian(Theta) Healing/12-Strand DNA Activation Technique.

I learned, that through transforming “old beliefs” that were holding me back, I could finally fulfill my purpose in teaching people to help and heal themselves. When Vianna Stibal came to the Gold Coast in October 2002 there was nothing stopping me from taking the Teachers’ level seminar and have been teaching regularly in Australia, brought it to Holland, and then to Peru, being the pioneer in both countries. I have assisted Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing®, in Australia and in the UK and therefore stay in touch with the ever growing and evolving of “Theta Healing®”.

I will travel to your place if enough people are interested. So far I’ve travelled to various places in Australia and Holland. I have also taught in Cape Town (Sth Africa), Vancouver (Canada), Williamsport PY, Redding CA, Ft Lauderdale FL and Honaunau HI, all USA, Glastonbury and Manchester in U.K., Santiago In Chile and am teaching regular seminars in Pisac, Cusco and Lima, Peru (these usually in English and Spanish)

Since March 2006 I’m also teaching the Advanced DNA and the Manifestation and Abundance seminar, which are both guaranteed to change your life. I so look forward to sharing these teachings with you and I get very excited when I see students/clients make those positive changes in their life.

In November 2008 I became an “Intuitive Anatomy” Practitioner, which meant undergoing a 3 week intensive seminar, where we became very intimate with all of our systems in our body and the diseases and disorders they can hold.

In January 2010 I had the pleasure of taking the “World Relations” Course. We looked at all countries, cultures, religions and races and we found some amazing “old” patterns and because we had all done so much work on our self, we ended up doing a lot of work on “Group consciousness” A very powerful course. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

In March 2010, Diane Dunn, Author, Healer Shaman in the Andean ways, owner of the beautiful “Paz y Luz” Guest, Healing and conference Centre in Pisac, Peru, came to Australia to teach the “Munayki”, the ancient Andean teachings including 9 Rites. The Q’ero Priests of Peru were told in 2006 that these ancient teachings and 9 Rites were to be passed on to the Western World as we all needed these tools. Loved the Munayki and ended up moving to the sacred Valley in Peru and managed Paz y Luz for 2.5 years.

I recertified my teacher’s levels and also became a teacher of the Rainbow Children course (2012) and the Game of Life. (2013) I so enjoy teaching the Game of Life, as we go profoundly deep into programs/beliefs systems where we are held back in our life to become the best person we can be.

I am also passionate about the Way of the Heart material – Jeshua’s true teachings, singing, dancing and travel to exotic places