BE the Change – It is your Choice

Mahatma Gandhi

We’ve all heard Mahatma Gandhi’s quote:“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

It’s time we stepped up to the Mark and stop resisting change to be the best we can be.

How are we all feeling? Great I trust, but if for some reason you feel confused due to lack of communication, feeling unheard or things just not going your way, then we need to change.

Of course we could blame it on Mercury and several other planets in May 2016, that are Retrograde, but alas that is not true. Maybe it is a bit more challenging than usual, but it is our recurring issues that are stopping us.

When negative things continuously happen, this is because we stay living in the past and “expect” them to happen again.We need to make a change, a shift.

Another one of those sayings:”If we keep doing or saying the same thing all the time, the same thing will keep happening”, or something like that.

We have a choice. We can go into anger and frustration, which is fairly normal for some. We can stew over it, even do text messages and emails, because our needs are not being met. Does that sound familiar? There is a need in most of us to express what we’re feeling and to be heard.

The problem is, we still have expectations and attachments to the outcome of our communication. What happens next? Running on “old programs/beliefs” we set ourselves up for disappointment and annoyance and therefore out of the flow of Divine Grace.

I used to be a procrastinator, meaning I chose to stay put, because i didn’t know how to move forward, didn’t have all the information to make a decision or was plain old fearful for that next step.

Now, the choice is mine. I can stay in that stagnant place and go around in circles or come to a point where I say “this no longer serves me, I want change”. At this point it’s really advisable to come from a “heart” space, where I can look at it from a loving aspect and be in truth of what is happening. When coming from a “head” space, I tend to come up with the ”should haves”,” could haves”, or expecting things to happen the way they always happened before and all our other control issues raise their ugly heads, which are all fear based.

If you’re new to this, one way to get into the heart space is by putting the left hand (left stands for the feminine, spiritual, receiving part of us) on the heart area. It does help using Reiki, as the Universal Love energy starts flowing immediately. Even without Reiki, it is me connecting in a loving way with me and breathing into that space. We tend to forget to “breathe” when we’re not in a space of love

Do remind each other to “breathe” when we see the other in a spot of bother.

Then I ask myself the question; what’s really at the heart of this problem/issue and what do I really want/desire? I always get an answer. Then we need to take responsibility and choose differently this time around.

If you know ThetaHealing you can go into a Theta State, connect with Creator of All That Is/Divine Spirit and ask the same question from that space. Too many of us are fearful and resistant of change, however, if we make a heartfelt decision that is in total alignment with the Universe, which is what you are when in this heart space, and trust in the God/Creator of All that Is/Source/Holy Spirit energy, only things for our Highest Good happen.

Through ThetaHealing® , you can choose to let go of anger, fears, resentments and other negative beliefs, which keep you in a space other than love and empowerment. Those will also keep you separate from the Divine. With your permission we can let go of these and bring in taking full responsibility for your positive choices and grow to your truest authentic Self.

For more information click on the links for ThetaHealing and for Reiki.

It’s time to get off the treadmill, so to speak, and move onto the conveyor belt to our next stunning destination. May it be Bliss!

Private sessions in both modalities also available. And if you want to learn, you can be the one setting the date and we advertise to get a full seminar. That’s how it works here in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Much Love and Healing Blessings

Hetty Driessen in Pisac, Peru on 28th May, 2016