The Deepening of the Munayki

  Blessing from Don Augustin

November 5 – 9, 2017

For people who have already received all 9 Munayki Rites and know how to pass them on.

We will together with Q’ero master Don Augustin

and his son Santos, who will translate for us, visit Sacred Sites seldom seen by tourists.  There we will receive the original Rites(Karpays) and work each day with a different element. We will immerse ourselves in the magical energy of these sites, practice giving the Munay-Ki and share how we have used the Rites in our own healing work as well as our work with others.

You’ll find receiving the traditional Rites from the Q’ero an amazing spiritual experience and feel the power of these energy transmissions. Each site we’ve chosen for you has its own personality, as if Pacha Mama slowly reveals herself to us in her many different ways.

What is included in this journey with the Q’ero, Apus and PachaMama:

Day 1  Morning arrival at Hotel Andenes de Pisaq, Calle Arequipa 286, Pisac, Peru for registration and Opening Ceremony. We’ll have a Despacho ceremony in the afternoon to bless our journey.

Day 2  Earth initiation site with Don Augustin to receive the Pampamisayoq Rite (#5 in the Munay-Ki) in a cave above Cusco.

Day 3  Water initiation site with Don Augustin to receive the Altomisayoq Rite (#6 in the Munay-Ki). A beautiful mountain stream flows over the rocks where a 7-sided chakana is carved into the mountainside.

Day 4  We will climb a steep hillside to reach the Air initiation site with Don Augustin to receive the Kuraq Akullaq Rite (#7 in the Munay-Ki). There is a “throne” finely carved out of one piece of granite.

Day 5  We will go up to the Inti Huatana stone in the Sun Temple of Pisac at sunrise to connect with the Fire element. There Don Augustin will give us the Taitanchi Rite (#9) at this sacred site. We will make a thanksgiving despacho in the Pisac site and then return to Andenes de Pisaq for our closing ceremony. You’ll also receive the 13th Rite, Rite of the Womb on this day.

COST: US$530

Includes hotel (double occupancy) at Hotel Andenes de Pisaq, meals, initiation rites, and local transportation.

Does not include airfare, drinks and tips

Single room supplement US$80

For locals wanting to participate there’s a special price. Contact me.

Anyone wanting to participate in this event and has not received the 9 MunayKi Rites, there’s a possibility on the 11 and 12th October, 2017 to receive them and learn how to pass them on. If needed we will have another late October.