Online Sessions

Skype session
Hetty in a ThetaHealing session on Skype

Online Remote Sessions: Hetty from ThetaGateway has been doing Skype ThetaHealing sessions for a long time now, but is now making them available through the website. We also use zoom.

It is unlimited what we can clear in a session. It depends on how deep you want to go with your healing.

We can work on physical illnesses or dis-eases. Through my connection (and yours) to the Divine holding a Theta state (using the theta brainwaves) and asking Creator of All That is what is going on in the body, I get messages in relation to your situation. It may be a program that holds you back, and lots of times we have taken on contracts/vows/oaths/promises, even from past-lives – if you believe in them – and that we can complete them for now and eternity, then you don’t have to e.g. feel responsible for a certain person.

Ultimately we are only responsible for ourselves, our actions and our own happiness. By clearing those “old” contracts and any obligations to them, letting go of the habit and reprogramming ourselves with knowing how to live without doing that, we eliminate a lot of stress.

We can look at depression and how it came about – maybe through a seriously hurtful event, or it’s passed on genetically. We can clear it. We clear traumas from your cellular memories so they stop being triggers for new encounters. This is very powerful. We can balance your serotonin levels in a Theta State.

Any program you are holding onto that no longer serves you, we can change. With your permission and willingness, and my connection to Creator, you can have as many changes done as you like.

We can also look at what is holding you in that emotional state or ill-ness/dis-ease and what it is teaching you and then keep the lesson without having to be ill.

As I said before, Theta Healing® is only limited by our fears, worries, and negative programming. When we get to the bottom of this and clear it, you will SOAR.

If you like, I can record our session and send them to you.


Something seems to have changed in me. I don’t want to ‘te vroeg juichen’ but yes. Some lightness, a subtle happiness. Due to our session yesterday. I’m feeling subtle differences. Discernment especially, like I can see into people more precisely, and also have a stronger sense in myself of when something is or isn’t the right thing to do… And also a kind of clarity within myself, more grounded, more centered somehow.
I’m grateful to you Hetty.

And a few days later: “And it kind of seems to keep unfolding itself: I am less easily influenced by others, less easily swayed and thrown off centre…. That’s one of the things you ‘downloaded’ isn’t it? (it was, edit)

This being able to hold myself, stay grounded in myself and not lose myself in the face of anger or whatever other kind of emotion that others throw at me. To know that it’s theirs and not mine and that I don’t need to be affected by it..

Rosalie, U.K. Feb, 2019


I have known Hetty for many years now and have been a student of hers with 5 versions of Theta Healing Trainings over time. I love Hetty’s teaching style. She is relaxed, compassionate, very intuitive, and has such a rich understanding of how to work with the technique.

I have had some difficulties with my health lately and found I needed support and help to find the triggers that have brought about my situation. I called upon Hetty for a session. With the advantage of technology we were able to use Skype to communicate in person from Pisac Peru to Nerang in Australia. I was surprised how consistent our internet connection was. It was like Hetty was with me in the room which made the session very rewarding and we were able to fully focus on the work at hand. I felt so supported and we were able to go very deeply into the healing that was needed. I could feel her in my aura as she worked with the various topics in my field. She helped me find some of the programs running that are affecting me and her compassionate heart has given me some useful wisdom to continue my healing.

Hetty’s session has been of great benefit and assistance on my road back to health.

~  Saraxx

This year in September I had my first Theta Healing session with Hetty via Skype. First I was a bit anxious on how this would work via Skype, but I have to admit that after the first minutes I didn’t feel it was a big barrier. Once you start talking with her, it is like you are connected with yourself and with her. Skype becomes merely a tool to help translate the message. Everything else just happens. It’s almost magical. We had a session that lasted a bit more than one hour. After I felt relaxed, happy, liberated and proud of myself. I am proud of myself for facing and admitting things and thoughts that needed to be changed, and for feeling that I had the power to do that. I gave the session as a gift to myself. I am very thankful to Hetty for her help and hope to keep in touch with her for long!

~ Karen – Lima