Are you rather Right than Happy?

by Hetty Driessen in 2009, revised June 2016

One of my friends wrote the following quote “In a world torn by cultural, economic, philosophic and religious differences, perhaps the thing most likely to save humanity would be to find not where we are different, but where we are the same”.

That expression made me look at all four areas, where these differences cause so much unhappiness in our world.

Take just the way people greet each other in various cultures. They are so different. It can be a hand shake, a kiss on both cheeks, a hug, a polite nod, a Namaste greeting, or even the slap on the shoulder. If you come from a culture, where it is perfectly natural to touch people, when in conversation with a person from a culture, where that is an absolute No-No, this can create an incredible upheaval for both people. One might feel resentment for being disrespected, while the other could feel rejected by the cool reception. We would benefit from discussing these feelings and then focus on where we have things in common and respect our differences. Communion with our fellow “man” will bring about peace and harmony. And none of us need to be right nor the other wrong, just joyful.

A while ago I saw a couple of emails, one showing heart wrenching photos of the Holocaust, to prove it did happen and another of Islamic people demonstrating in London with posters threatening the safety of many Europeans, mainly British people. I didn’t forward these. Not because I’m in denial of these events happening. They sure did happen, however by focussing on these deeds of the past and perceived threats for the near future; we fuel hatred/fear and accentuate our differences.

Instead we can practice being compassionate and forgiving through the Ho’Oponopono way of I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me and Thank You.  Many teachings say: “only Love is real”. “Love cannot go, where there is fear”. A compassionate forgiving heart is a happy heart.

These are two extreme examples and this gives us a chance to look into our own lives and discover where this outer world/war reflects our inner war.

We could start at home with this one, with our partner (life and/or business), parents, children and siblings. When our focus is on our sameness and we accept the differences with a compassionate heart, how gracious would our relationships be? That’s where the question “rather be right than happy?” comes in.

The same goes for our economic situation. The media/politicians will absolutely have us believe there is a “recession” happening. If we keep feeding this fear, guess what? It will happen and lots of people will say: ”see, I told you so”, and they would feel they were right. If they feel happy, is another question. Worrying over the current state of affairs will affect our mental, emotional and eventually our physical bodies, causing stress, disharmony, followed by depression and down the track possibly dis-ease.

The expression, you are what you think, is very relevant here. Every time you think a fearful/negative thought, your body shuts down a little and by listening to the, most of the time, exaggerated media-reports, and buying into it, another “happy cell” dies off. In none of the above I am suggesting we deny any of this is happening, but we can change our perception of it. Remember the good old saying:” Is the glass half full, or half empty?” What will we choose?

In Theta Healing we have great exercises to release resentments, old hurts, worries and depression to bring back our self-love, self-worth and joy into our lives.

Because of her awareness of all these cultural, religious, economic and philosophical differences, Vianna Stibal, founder of Theta Healing, has put together a “World Relations” seminar, where we look and transform all our programming in these areas. If you are an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner/Teacher you may find this course very interesting, especially if you associate with many different cultures.

For more information on Theta Healing or our seminars on learning these techniques, please check in other parts of my website or contact me personally.

Choose to have loving thoughts, “put a smile on your dial” and things will change and bring inner happiness.

Love and Blessings

Hetty Driessen