Self-Healing, The Day Pele kicked my ass gently

Sunday 6th May, 2018 my friend Ron and I met up in the Sanctuary of Coco-Wasi, my friends Victoria and Gray’s retreat centre on the Big Isle, Hawaii.

Here is a picture of the entrance of the Sanctuary.

We were set for a healing session and we placed the treatment table in the middle of the heart shape in the beautiful wooden floor. Above us is a crystal grid and in one corner of this magical Sacred healing space  are sound healing tools, including, 3 big gongs, chimes, Tibetan bowls etc.

Ron is practicing a new technique he learned in the U.K. called: ”Biophoton Realignment and Light Kinesiology”, which is a combination of kinesiology testing and an aura field treatment with specially designed mirrors made out of pure gold and pure silver and 2 different aluminium mirrors, including a filter that only allows polarized light to pass through.

We do lots of muscle testing and he uses up to 20 glass plates as well, placed at head and feet. We are doing a lot of clearing. My biggest issue was being stuck in a rut in regards to making money and getting myself out there. This is a biggie to me and maybe for you too.

Ron asked me if I was ready to move it and if I wanted to give it a voice and I thought, why not. Taking a deep breath and I yelled out as an answer to his question: Are you ready to let go of this, still holding his mirrors and I yelled: ”Fuck Yeah” and I was just about to say it again and the earth shook. One of Pele’s (active volcano on the Big Isle, Hawaii) bigger quakes that we felt at our end. It lasted for about 10 – 12 seconds and the crystals started dancing, the gongs started playing as did the chimes through the movement of the earth. It was spectacular. We were in awe and I didn’t dare to swear again.

I was so tuned in to Pele that I was able to use her energy to do a massive clearing. While we should have ran outside for safety reasons, I lay there with Ron standing right next to me and we burst out in laughter. Powerful Release.

As I am writing this a few weeks later, I know I have shifted that one, as abundance is flowing in most areas of my life through ThetaHealing and Munayki seminars, loans unexpectedly paid back to me and receiving deposits for seminars in October. In so much Gratitude.

Thank you Pele, Thank you Ron and Thank you Renzo Celani (founder of above technique)