John Float

I had the good fortune to accomplish one of my long held wishes, which was to learn Theta Healing, and which manifested with one of the most heartfelt of teachers, Hetty Driessen. Our three day training was an in depth journey to source energy and profound healing, in which many archaic belief systems were excavated and illuminated in a new light, and new tools were activated to put into daily use. I am so grateful to Hetty for anchoring these teachings and transmitting them in her unique way with good humor, patience and directness as she continually hit the mark of truth. My individual work with her great support has made a huge difference in my life, and has been nothing short of miraculous.
~John Float, Honaunau, Hawaii



For anyone considering taking the advanced (or the basic if you haven’t already), give yourself the gift of taking the course and gaining incredible tools to help yourself and others. I completed the basic course two weeks ago and finished the advanced course two days ago. I am amazed at all that I learned through it, about myself and the technique. This is the most efficient and effective tool I have come across for making rapid changes in life by clearing imprints that were installed in this lifetime or previous ones. Plus you get to take the course with Hetty who makes covering all of the material interesting and fun! Thank you Hetty!!
~ Paulette Waltz USA


testimonial_cristhianEstas clases me ayudaron a comprender mi vida en diferentes aspectos y en mayor detalle y ayudaron a tejer las partes que estaban sueltas y aparentemente aisladas en mi vida dándome un conocimiento más integral de lo que soy como ser humano y como ser divino. A su vez me permitió aprender una manera más directa de trabajar con una relación más íntima según mi perspectiva con el creador de todo lo que es y a su vez viendo como a mi alrededor cambiaba según iba cambiando la forma que tenia de observar las cosas, bastante bien limitada por varios y diversos programas, creencias, patrones y otra serie de asuntos que aprendí en clase. Las clases fueron muy divertidas, llenas de amor, comprensión, amor, compasión y verdad. Haciendo mi experiencia con Hetty, algo que me quedará sin duda por toda la vida. Su gracia, simpleza de explicar conceptos, respeto, sentido del humor y presencia han hecho que pueda hacer un gran cambio en mi vida. Agradezco mucho la oportunidad que co-creamos en nuestro camino para hacer esto juntos.
~ Cristhian Felipe Marín Peru


testimonial_kathyI attended not only Theta Healing® Basic but Theta Healing® Advanced. Hetty is very personable and knowledgeable about the material. She presents the material giving not only the “mechanics” and methodology but she presents the material with personal experience entwined in the lessons.

The personal touch added so much to our learning. We could experience the healing through her stories and life experiences.

Practicing the healing in both classes was the most valuable part of the experience for me. Hetty helped every step of the way. She added personal interaction with everyone.

Hetty is a joy and I am blessed to have her in my life. I look forward to continuing my Theta Healing® lessons with Hetty and to learn even more about one of the most valuable tools I have experienced in my life to this day.

Light, Love, Laughter
~ Kathy Stilling USA


testimonial_angelEstimada Hetty,

Desde mi corazón, agradezco mucho por sus maravillosas enseñanzas en los Módulos I y II de Theta Healing® en Lima, Perú!

Dentro de mi camino en las terapias alternativas (qigong, reiki, hipnosis, sinergética, healing touch, etc.) y el misticismo rosacruz como parte de mi desarrollo personal; me parece que este método de la maestra Vianna Stibal de alguna manera simplifica la sanación y el cambio que tengamos que realizar; dándole una base espiritual y una conexión directa con Dios, para que como co-creadores podamos realizar cambios positivos en nuestras vidas y también la de otras personas.

Lo más resaltante para mí es que las técnicas son sencillas y muy prácticas para nuestro nivel actual de evolución, tanto de la Tierra como de la humanidad.

Como experiencia, en uno de los ejercicios pude sentir la relación con seres espirituales de un compañero de estudios, también pude sentir en algunas partes de mi cuerpo la energía de un familiar de una compañera y la recuperación de recuerdos pasados de otra. Reconocer mis propias creencias limitantes y trabajar con ellas fue muy interesante también.

En lo personal, Theta Healing® me ayudó a un mejor auto-conocimiento, a saber que la comunicación con Dios se puede lograr, a agradecer y a decretar que el cambio ya está hecho. Actualmente me está ayudando a tener una mejor conexión en el nivel del Creador para lograr mejores resultados dentro de mi práctica terapéutica.

Le agradezco Hetty por todo su cariño, experiencia y espiritualidad por ofrecernos estos dos módulos y pido al Creador de Todo lo que Es que la bendiga siempre!
~ Angel S.Chuy Peru


Basic DNA 1 & DNA 2

testimonial_anneI hadn´t heard about Theta Healing® long before the course was offered at Healing House Cusco. My inner voice told me to participate at the introductory talk with Hetty because Im meant to get to know Theta Healing®. This talk convinced me just to do it, even though I thought I wasn’t in the ideal financial situation.

I learned that this healing technique is not only a great way to support others in their transformational path but that it is an incredible help gateway to heal and support yourself. Participating in that course did not only allow me to work with others but it caused immense healing and changes for my own good. A big part of the training is practice, which instantly brings good confidence in doing Theta Healing®.

The way Hetty teaches the training – I personally liked a lot – there was space to ask, experience, cry and laugh in a very holisitc way, not forgetting we all are human beings that have come to earth to learn and grow from and with each other.

Advanced DNA

After important steps for my own healing caused by my participation at Basic 1 and 2 and the realization what a help- and powerful tool Theta Healing® is for working with others, I knew I had to continue learning and exploring this still quite new field wherefore I participated in the Advanced Course right away. What has been revealed and got into motion again on a personal level in Basic 1 and 2, I could finally get rid of/dissolve in the Advanced Training wherefore I would call it a Milestone for my own development on my path of healing myself and living as a healer. A few old patterns I had been working on with different techniques I think just missed this kind of approach so far and I feel some things have been cleared out of all systems on all levels finally.

We were blessed to have a small but very powerful group and could support each other a lot with the help of Hetty´s guidance. Everybody felt very in tune with the teachings and the advanced training for sure helped to deepen the understanding AND practice of Theta Healing®. I highly recommend to do both trainings! Thank you Hetty for sharing your knowledge and being such a wonderful teacher.
~ Anne Germany

Game of Life

I thoroughly enjoyed the Game of Life Theta course presented by Hetty. Hetty is such a warm, jovial and caring lady who has really integrated the Theta techniques so well and provides such a supportive and easy going environment to absorb the teachings. Her knowledge is so rich in the technique, and she’d often surprised me with adding gems to assist getting the most of out of the digging processes. Thank you, Hetty for your care and wisdom.

“The Game of Life Course was such an incredible eye opener to the depths we go to create disharmony in our lives. I found the content prepared for the downloads to be so bravely honest and simple, yet so profound and rich in content. It gave so much opportunity to trigger and release belief systems that I had no idea were running in my subconscious in regards to family, society and personal history with self-worth, status and money – just to name a few of many topics.

I literally feel physically lighter with so many thoughts released from my mind that must have been weighing me down previously.

Thankyou Hetty, Vianna and Hiro! I am so grateful for the 3 years you have condensed to a 3 day workshop to release so many layers of dross.

I am looking forward to seeing the changes appear on the outside to match how different I feel on the inside with these important areas of life.
~ Sarah Ralph Gold Coast