Theta Healing DNA 1 & 2

The DNA 1&2 Basic Seminar includes training in the following techniques and is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Course:

  • Learn how to go into a Theta statebooks_thetahealing-R
  • Learn how to do remote viewing.
  • Change beliefs no longer serving you.
  • Improve your relationships.
  • Clear any fears, angers, resentments and grudges.
  • Connect to your Angels and Guides.
  • Clear “old” contracts, oaths and vows.
  • Bring Abundance by clearing limiting beliefs.
  • Clear entities and reclaim Soul Fragments.
  • Release Depression and find Joy again.
  • Activate your DNA to its original 12 strands.
  • Change Genetic defects where needed and so much more…

The Advanced DNA 2 Seminar includes training in the following techniques:

  • Complete Review of Process for Healing and Grounding
  • Several shortcuts or macros for techniques learned in DNA 1 & 2
  • Receive hundreds of downloads, which will enhance your life
  • The Three Rs – Rejection, Resentment, Regret
  • Planes of Existence explained and discover Programs we carry on them and how to work with them.
  • Free-Floating Memories picked up through accidents, traumas and how to clear them.
  • Send Love to Baby in the Womb and clear any toxins, not feeling wanted etc.
  • Find and release programming from our wounded child within
  • Repair the Broken Soul
  • Clearing and Belief Work on Non-Organic Material e.g. land, houses, cars
  • Talk to Higher Self and much more…

This course will change your life forever, enabling you to work with the Divine in healing yourself and helping others. These techniques are quick and life changing .

Who should attend?
Anyone wanting to make changes in their life, interested in learning new transforming energy work techniques and Health Care Professionals as these techniques will complement your own.

What’s Included:

  • Workbook
  • Theta Healing® Intro Book

Watch this video and hear Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing, walk you through the Road Map to All That Is of the Seventh Plane.