ThetaHealing®: Embrace your True Authenticity – Part 2

With your willingness to change parts in your life that are no longer serving you, you can witness miracles. Another great way to work with ThetaHealing® is to work with our “Inner Child”.  We go to the wounded child and bring him/her back to the time of the trauma by inviting you, the adult now, and the you as that hurt child within you, to come to where Creator resides – the 7th Plane of Existence (you’ll be guided through the process) and we’ll communicate with the child and find out what it needs, to become whole again and download those feelings from Creator and do whatever is needed to heal the wound so we can move forward. We’ll clear the trauma from the cellular memory.

When there is an illness or dis-ease in the physical body, we (you, Creator and his/her team, which could be the Psychic Surgeons and me holding space and witnessing the changes) heal that and then look at what emotional issues created it, as that is needed to have a complete healing without re-creating the illness all over again by not having looked at that which created the health problem.

I don’t know how many times clients come to me here in Peru after Ayahuasca (not so often Huachuma) and they have one or more entities or just cloudy energies in their field. We can Clear Entities from your energetic field as well as those who have fully entered your space. There are a lot of us here who are “Empaths” and we are susceptible to taking these on. It’s quite simple through ThetaHealing to eliminate them and to actually make you impervious to this.

When we have Relationship issues, we look at what happened, clear the trauma of the break-up, retrieve all soul-fragments exchanged with the person. We check if there are any psychic hooks to be released, curses and spells and clear them. Then we look at what was the reason of the break-up and we end up looking at when that happened the first time, which usually is one or both of our parents and then we dig deeper to find the core of the issue to finally set you free to have a healthy relationship with healthy boundaries. I’ve done a few of “couple-work”, although usually separate sessions.

If big traumas have happened to you, I usually get told by Creator to witness a “Soul-Healing” which re-creates your soul to a healthy functioning one. In my teachings, a soul gets healed and recreated after we pass this body, so in the Afterlife. Creator of All That Is has given us this phenomenal experience, to heal our souls while in this existence by a simple command and us witnessing it. We normally follow this up with a “heart-song” in which you tune with your heart and allow all the grief, sadness, anger etc. to come out in a low-ish tone and continue this until you feel peace again.

I can keep going, but you see how much we can achieve with your willingness to change. I have witnessed so many miracles and instant healings during my practice of Thetahealing since 2002.

I continue to be amazed by them and feel so blessed to be able to be of service to whoever seeks it.

Much Love and Many Blessings to you all

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