ThetaHealing® : Embrace your True Authenticity – Part 1

Many of us react/respond from our wound. Through ThetaHealing® we can clear so many blocks by connecting to Creator. We then command what you have agreed to change, the no longer serving program/belief into a positive program/Belief. You work together with a practitioner, who is trained in ThetaHealing®, connect to Creator of All That Is/Source/Divine Spirit and the practitioner witnesses the change you agreed on. We use the Theta brainwave and the connection to Creator to make these changes.

If you had a physical, emotional or spiritual trauma in the past, you can clear the original trauma from your cellular memory. We may have programs which we’ve been repeating since childhood like abuse(on all levels), betrayal, rejection and not being heard to name a few. We’ll generally set ourselves up (projecting from that wound) in every relationship, be that business, romantic and definitely within the family until the original trauma is released and these programs are cleared. Then we don’t have to have a sign on our forehead that says: “Here I am, (ab)use me, as I’m used to it” or “Here I am, betray me” or “Reject me or my ideas” or “Sure, don’t listen to me”.

When you trace back from where the original wound comes from, we clear the trauma, bring in forgiveness for self and the other(s). We remove any guilt/shame/blame and then reprogram, bringing in new positive “beliefs”. When this is cleared we stop projecting from our wound. It truly is amazing when we’ve cleared it and the first time you step into your empowered state, the response from the other is totally different, as there is no more projecting your “program” to them. We have witnessed this too often, not to believe these miracles can happen.

Another issue could be when people know they weren’t wanted or were an added burden to the family or there was an attempted abortion. Traumatic births or pregnancies can be reprogrammed.

For people brought into this world by caesarean, induced births, and “cord around the neck”, it could be challenging to make decisions, correct? Some people may blame it on the Sign they were born under (Zodiac), but it could also be any of the above, where that first decision in your earthly life was taken away from you. All this can be re-programmed or re-created as I like to say and decision making becomes easier for those who were brought into this world before they were ready. Safety and renewed trust for those whose mother attempted to abort them and so much more. In this process we also clear any toxins and poisons from anything taken in via your mother during pregnancy. This can clear many things.

There are a lot of people suffering from Depression, which can be quite debilitating. We can check with Creator if it’s a genetic coding (like inherited from one or both parents) or just happened in this lifetime. If we are exposed to depression through our parents and grandparents, it may be that all we have to do is a work on the genetic level and reset the Serotonin. If it is from experiences in this life, we look at the issues , clear traumas, let go of negative and bring in the positive. We may take you back to that time by inviting you, the adult now, and the you for whom the depression was triggered, to come to where Creator resides – the 7th Plane of Existence (you’ll be guided through the process) and we’ll look at what you need – to become whole again and download those feelings from Creator.

In part 2 we will talk how we can work with the Inner Child, clear illnesses/diseases in the physical body, clearing entities, relationship issues and Soul Healing

Much Love and Many Blessings to you all

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